Taking it to the Max
Maxie Hayles' Autobiography

'Taking it to the Max' - Maxie Hayles' Autobiography

BoookcoverMaxie Hayles' powerful autobiography launched at The House of Commons, London, England (UK) during Britain's Black History Month, is a historical, sociological and political standpoint as he has not minced his words in letting it known that racism cannot be maintained as the status quo.

Taking It To The Max is a riveting, revealing and thought provoking autobiography about Jamaican born Maxie Hayles who has lived in Britain for the past 55 years. He is a Birmingham based human rights activist and community champion who has laid bare, warts-and-all his personal struggles alongside his fight for equality and justice for all human beings locally, nationally and internationally and in particular for black and minority ethnic people.

"What is clearly evident is Maxie is someone who has stood for something, argued for the right to exists as a human being, and has refused to accept any form of subordination. In the telling of his story Maxie has also expressed regrets, been self-critical, as well as openly criticising publicly things he has felt were wrong. In doing so, Maxie is following a tradition of personal narratives, which have emerged from all facets of history related to displaced men and women. Most of all Maxie's story is an important 'legacy project' designed to give an insight into one person's experiences, engagement with, and connection to, a time and space which is seldom documented. In doing so Maxie has provided us with a template for discussion in barber shops, churches, colleges and universities, community spaces and so on. In doing so Taking it to the Max is a welcome addition to a community that at times fears expressing itself for fear of not being heard."

Dr. Martin Glynn
Writer, Criminologist and Lecturer at
City of Birmingham University

Maxie Hayles is the recipient of numerous awards along with other accomplishments having helped many others who have experienced racism and injustice including being ill-treated at the hands of the police and other law enforcement officers. He is noted for being at the forefront of challenging the Establishment in various ways and is held in high esteem by many who seek his advice on a regular basis. Not many people can vouch for having met the indefatigable Rev. Jesse Jackson of America on five separate occasions as indeed has Maxie Hayles, culminating in Jesse Jackson presenting him with a lifetime achievement award in Birmingham, England in 2008 for outstanding work defending human rights and race equality. He is also the 2000 winner of the Prime Minister's Regional and National Active Community Award 2000 for building a fair and just community.

To order a copy of the book contact Maxie Hayles. E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or T: 07956 141 554