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AboutMaxie Hayles is a name synonymous with the fight for civil rights, justice from racism and oppression. As the former chair of (BRAMU) Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit Maxie Hayles has made a remarkable contribution using his NGO status to ensure and promote free speech with effective strategies to instigate positive change within a number of fundamental institutions.

BRAMU's positive input was welcomed round the world and Maxie has been among keynote speakers at such prestigious events as the United Nations Convention (CERD) Committee for the Eradication of all forms of Racial Discrimination. Alongside other NGO's he presented a paper on the 'Exclusion of African Caribbean Pupils' held in Geneva in 2000 and on 'Deaths in Police and Prison Custody in 2003.

Maxie Hayles has over 30 years' experience of working with race and human rights issues. During this time he has worked as a mentor for the /west Midlands Probation Service, where he proved to be a positive role model for African Caribbean men caught up in the criminal justice system.

In addition he has also worked in schools as mentor to assist in the prevention of mass school exclusions and expulsions, primarily in African and Caribbean communities.

An avid supporter of the Stephen Lawrence Campaign Maxie has played within the inquiry process. After persuading Sir. William MacPherson and his inquiry team to come to Birmingham and provide an oral and written submission to the enquiry panel of BRAMU. For more details see the book, which featured Maxie's contribution, 'Hidden Stories of the Stephen Lawrence of Inquiry' by Dr. Richard Stone.
Accolades & Awards

  • Winner of Community and Diversity Elders Award 2000
  • Winner of the Prime Minister Regional and National Active Awards 2000 for Building a fair and just Community
  • Lifetime achievement award presented by the civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson to Maxie Hayles for his outstanding work defending Human Rights and Race Equality. Dec 2008
  • Community Lifetime Achievement Award Winner February 2013